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Basic Survival Kit

Having a little food, water, blanket, compass, whistle and light is the beginning of supplies to make an adventure better. Come choose a Basic Survival Kit from the many that we have to meet your personal needs.

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Basic Survival Kit

When your basic survival needs are met, life suddenly is easier. It is important to sit down with your family to plan for your needs. It is also important to learn to use the supplies you have effectively.

We have lots of great kits to choose from. Even our simple One Day Box Basic Survival Kit is amazing. It is a very basic kit with a little water, a food bar and an emergency blanket. Everyone knows what a difference something to drink and and eat makes in the life of a child, or any of us. This tiny bit of food and water is packaged so it will actually be there when you need it. And if you feel it is important, you can add more - perhaps in another form. But, have you taken the time to think of that Emergency Blanket? To start off, it can be used to help you keep warm by reflecting your bodies heat back to you. It is also useful to keep the sun off and keep you cool, or protect you from wet and muddy ground, or from the blowing wind. This small piece of reflective plastic can catch water or even carry water as it makes a pouch, or lines a grocery bag. Your emergency blanket can signal for help by flashing in the sun. It can make a clean place to sit or eat or lay down. It can help you make a reflector oven or make a wind break. It can be set up as a privacy curtain to get out of wet pants, change into a swimsuit, or other private needs. It can be put in the windows of your car to keep out light, prying eyes or excess heat. One small item can make the little bit of difference that makes a big difference to the outcome of even an ordinary situation. Amazingly it is small enough to keep in a desk drawer at work or the glove compartment of your car, your purse, or your cub scout's backpack, and it is only $5.99.
A slightly bigger kit is the Guardian Survival Mini for Children. This kit adds other seemingly small items that can be really important. Look at the survival whistle. What good is a whistle? Your cub scout could blow it so you can find him up to a mile away. It would scare away scary things, and keep him company. The 5-in-1 survival whistle in your survival kit also has a compass to regain your sense of direction, and be better able to follow the plan your good sense advises, without going in circles, or perhaps you added a good map of your area. Then you have a much better tool. The whistle has a small waterproof container to hold a few matches, or some contact lens solution, or some band-aids for blisters or cuts, or important medication. It has a tiny mirror, to start a fire, signal for help, shine light in a dark spot, or see if you have dirt in your eye. It also has a lanyard to keep it securely around your neck, but it can also be used to tie your hat on, or hold a bundle together so you don't drop it and who knows what else. The label says it is for a child but I would be glad to have a poncho, and a flashlight, and a 12 Hour Bright Stick, and a 16 hour Body Warmer if I were ever lost, and alone, and trying to keep me and my children safe or just on a camping trip in bad weather. The kit comes in a durable and compact bright red bag with a blue carabiner to hook it to a belt loop or a backpack so you don't loose it.

Each item in your basic survival kit has many uses, if you practice, and think about it you will have a treasure box that can make a tremendous difference.

You can choose to purchase one of our many survival kits or you can get one of our sturdy bags and add things that you personally value. Perhaps you used up some of your supplies last camping trip, or you forgot to put the knife back into the Basic Survival Kit, or thought of some important addition. Of course you might be an old pro and are simply looking for ways to perfect a kit you already have. We have lots of tempting options. Get started TODAY, before it is too late.