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We Specialize in Gluten-Free Home Food Storage and Vegetarian Food

Most would agree that acquiring and storing emergency supplies is a wise choice. In fact there are many scenarios where having emergency supplies would be at least as important as having extra cash on hand. Having survival kits or home food storage could at certain times make life a lot more comfortable for ourselves and our loved ones when unforeseen events come along. We at Be Prepared Plus are passionate about being prepared for the future whether we encounter unemployment, disabling circumstances or catastrophic events. Our motto is: Be as best prepared as you can plus a little bit more.

For anyone who believes home food storage equals bland cuisine. Think again! Long-term preservation need not negate flexibility or nutrition. There are numerous resources to help you be prepared plus and more, including cookbooks, online recipes, and tips on the product labels themselves. We also specialize in gluten-free food and vegetarian food. Our emergency food products are specifically designed with an abundance of vitamins and minerals to sustain one or more persons.

Home food storage is not limited to simply emergencies--these hardy, light-weight meals or snacks will fit in fine on camping trips, hikes, or other excursions. Due to the innovations of dehydration and freeze-drying, our food products are also a snap to pack due to our packages being thinner and lighter in weight. No need to worry about fruits and vegetables, either, for they are also on the emergency foods menu, ready to add a healthy punch to any meal. For anyone with a sweet tooth, don't panic: there are options like pudding, fruit smoothies, food bars, yogurt dessert, and more.

Remember: it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have-- be prepared plus and more.