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Deluxe Survival Kit

A Deluxe Survival Kit adds more food, water purification tablets, a 30 hour emergency candle, and more personal care items to make you more comfortable. You can always choose additional emergency supplies for your own special needs.
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Deluxe Survival Kit

A Deluxe Survival Kit is a mid-range kit to fill a broader range of needs than the basic kits. Notice that a Delux Bucket Survival Kit is packed in a red bucket to create a portable toilet. What a great improvement from squatting behind a bush! An Ice cream bucket at the bottom of the bag with a snap on lid is a possible improvement to keep things clean and smelling sweet.

An Emergency Food Deluxe Survival Kit comes with eleven different food choices to provide 44 servings of food, as well as a stove, fuel pellets, and a water filtration bottle, a chow kit, and cup to provide basic tools you need to prepare and eat something after you work at setting up camp.

I am sure my mother could think of lots more she would like to have take care of us all. It would be a good idea to spend time thinking of what is important to you, and then go try things out, even if you need to re-stock a few items afterwards.

Each Deluxe Survival Kit is made to be compact and easy to carry so you don't get bogged down with too much but hopefully as you practice you can find many uses for each item you do have to multiply it's value.