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Elite Survival Kit

Each Elite Survival Kit is a top of the line kit that comes in a wide selection of bag styles and will provide supplies for from one to four people.    They contain a wide selection of practical items that are important to have on hand at home and away.
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Elite Survival Kit

Each Elite Survival Kit is one of our top of the line products. They contain all the items contained in our other selections, plus a little bit more to meet the unexpected challenges we might bump into along life's path. They are planned with quality items to fill a wide range of needs, yet still be compact enough to be able to carry if you need to and to have enough room to add personal belongings that you will need, such as a change of clothes, a jacket, extra water, a good map of your area, your medications, etc.

An Elite Survival Kit adds value by grouping several kits together at a discounted price, so you can have not only a personal survival kit but a complete package geared for auto safety - for one or two cars, and also a smaller Emergency Kit easy enough to take on a hike, for your desk at work, or home, or to be stored with your child at school or other places. It is an old but still useful idea not to keep all our eggs in one basket.

Take a minute to consider the 4 Person Family Preparedness Package which adds 56 servings of Grab and Go Foods, as well as an Emergency Kit packed in a bucket with a toilet seat lid, and an Auto Kit.

As we participate in Scouting and other outdoor experiences we learn the value of simple items like our knife, map and compass, emergency blanket and a rope. A beginning student walks almost blind to the opportunities each tool provides to contribute to our safety and comfort. A person schooled and experienced needs little more. Take the time to get to know each tool. Play games to see who can invent the most unique solutions to a "create your own adventure" type game. It will be a delightful challenge, leaving everyone better prepared emotionally and physically.