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Emergency Camping Food

Made by Wise Emergency Foods, our Emergency Camping Food is sold in 6 packs and combined in larger kits providing many quick easy meals.
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Emergency Camping Food

Our selection of Emergency Camping Food is made by Wise Company, Emergency Foods and sold in 6 packs, for convenience. These Emergency Camping Food selections can also be found in a wide selection of larger packages. As you experiment with these packets you can discover how valuable they are in many different situations. These easy to use meals are wonderful for a busy mom preparing a quick lunch for her children, or on a road trip, or camping trip. Just heat water and add to the pouch and in a short time you will have a wonderful entree. Enjoy vanilla or chocolate pudding for desert.

Our Emergency Camping Food Six packs provide a good selection of available meal packets so you can "test drive" your food storage supply. Using the Emergency Camping Food as meals on road trips, camping, hiking, or for a busy day gives you a chance to learn the best ways to prepare your food, and to see if your family likes it. You will be able to better judge how much your family will eat at one sitting, and if you need to plan for an additional selection, or just cook some extra rice to add to the meal. It is a good opportunity to check on other ways to use each entree, by combining it with other food storage items, or by adding a favorite seasoning to your emergency camping food supplies.

The extra packets of Emergency Camping Food are great to keep on your shelf for a busy day, but even more valuable, the individual packages in the 6 packs can be used to stock your 72 hour kits,
and other survival kits with your favorite flavors, which, in addition to the Energy Bars that are most often found inside, will make any adventure you might have, better.