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Gluten Free

Gluten Free Foods are fundamental components to meal planning in emergency situations. Chicken and beef pouches, rice, vegetables and fruits, milk, yogurt and eggs are left in their simpler state so you can serve them as sides or combined as you desire with other possible storage options. Gluten Free selections increase the overall nutrition of your meals whether or not you are Gluten Free.
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Gluten Free Products Make Emergency Food Meals Better

Gluten Free Foods are wonderful for everyone.There are chicken and beef pouches, rice, vegetables and fruits, milk, yogurt, eggs and granola, which can be eaten plain, or made into Chicken Pot Pie or something Mexican, or even Thai, if you are blessed enough to have gluten free flours, fats and seasonings and a little bit more, available in your emergency. The milk and eggs can be an important addition to your efforts to serve something like pancakes, or muffins, topped with yogurt and granola to keep everyone happy. By using the whole line of Gluten Free Products, plus a little bit more, you can increase the overall nutrition of your meals and add a tremendous boost to eye appeal and enjoyment as you create interesting combinations that make eating Gluten Free enjoyable.

A Monumental Emergency might develop out of a much simpler problem if Gluten Free Foods are not available to those who really need them. It is important to add a selection of Gluten Free offerings to your Emergency Food supply to serve not only those you love but others you desire to help.

Gluten Free Foods are good for everyone. They just don't contain gluten. So the whole family can enjoy the same meal together, saving you both time and money. You can either buy individual buckets of meats and rice, vegetables, fruit, and breakfast entrees with yogurt, or a Gluten Free Emergency Food Package which includes the complete selection of Wise Gluten Free Buckets along with Wise Milk Buckets and Wise Egg Buckets.