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Emergency Supplies - First Aid

Emergency Supplies in First Aid Kits both large and small are invaluable as we struggle to meet the needs of those around us.
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Emergency Supplies - First Aid

In this section you will find Emergency Supplies for First Aid for many needs that range from simple everyday cuts and scrapes to more complex emergencies. These supplies will be a great blessing when you need them. Here are a few of our favorites:

We carry Potassium Iodide Pills for thyroid blockage in radiation emergencies which are split for children and adults. The World Health Organization tells us that our thyroid collects Radioactive Iodine when a power plant explodes or a bomb goes off which increases our chance of getting thyroid cancer. If we take Potassium Iodide within the first four hours it blocks the Radioactive Iodine and protects us. Emergency officials are supposed to tell us when and how much we need but it would be hard to distribute supplies quickly enough, so we should have them in our own Emergency First Aid Supplies.

As a grandmother who serves quite a number of grandchildren and their friends my heart jumps at the big 3 Shelf First Aid Cabinet. We have needed nearly everything in it over the years and usually we had to buy each item separately and in haste. Afterwards I didn't have a good place to keep the leftover Emergency First Aid Supplies to keep them clean and usable for another occasion. A special cabinet on my wall with doors that close would be perfect.

The last place I worked had an even bigger 4 Shelf First Aid Cabinet hooked to the wall by the floor manager's desk where we all could find it quickly. Probably having a large, easily accessible Emergency Supplies First Aid Station in your work space is mandated by law but I was glad it was there on several occasions.