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Home Food Storage Including Gluten Free Food

Some eat to live, others live to eat, either way, food is more precious when it becomes scarce. Take time now to bring hope to the future by providing your family with a home food storage supply. Also check out our gluten free food.
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Home Food Storage

Don't put your eggs all in one basket they used to tell us. It's sort of like that with home food storage.

I have some buckets of wheat and beans, and rice. I have bottles of fruit, and even some freeze dried meals in quart glass jars. I have cases of canned goods. But Wise Home Food Storage Products are still a great addition to my emergency supplies. It is well thought out and reasonably priced. Emergency food is also very convenient especially when you don't have the hours it takes to make wheat and beans palatable.

I lived on my home food storage for several years as my husband was sick and out of work. Making things taste good was of great importance. We wanted jelly and pickles and other tasty things. I made six loaves of bread two times each week. I served bread as toast,and sandwiches. I served bread and milk and bread with bottled peaches. I served bread for snacks and bread with mock hamburger patties made from six grain mix, cooked into a porridge, and held together by adding a a couple of eggs, seasoned with salt, cayenne pepper and Italian seasoning and cooked in oil. We were all anxious to get our share. I served bread with lentil soup, and with chili made from dried beans and bottled tomatoes. We served bread with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and other vegetables from our garden. I shared my food with everyone who came to my door. We were happy and got along well.

As you may guess, I lived in the kitchen.

In other kinds of emergencies we might not have such great luxury. The freeze dried, Grab-and-Go Home Food Storage Meals offered by Wise Foods are compact and light weight. They are easy to carry if you can not stay where you are. The pouches do not break when dropped, and they can be prepared quickly with a minimum of fuel and water. You will have little preparation and clean-up. That is a great blessing when under other stresses. If you can heat some water the meals will re-hydrate in their pouches and taste pretty good.

I read one blog from someone battling the aftermath of a hurricane. He talked of the blessing of having his home food storage available and of being able to prepare something warm at midnight in the middle of a storm and without a kitchen. And he was able to do that day after day without power and with a limited amount of water, and many kitchen supplies unavailable or damaged. It took a long time to recover from his emergency. He talked of struggling to be generous to others who didn't have any emergency supplies and came hopefully to his door.

I would rather struggle to be generous than struggle to knock at my neighbors door.

I am getting my home food storage ready the best I can, and leaving the rest up to God!