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Preparedness Seeds

All of our seeds are Non-Hybrid and Non-GMO or Heirloom Seeds. Our seeds are not chemically treated and they can grow new seeds to be harvested and used year after year. The packets that our seeds come in are re-sealable and come with planting instructions and our Quick Start Growing Guides.

You can choose from five different kinds of Mini-Ropak Buckets or select our Preparedness Seed Pack that has them all. Our five kinds are:

  • Herb Garden Bucket of Preparedness Seeds (with seeds like Parsley seeds and Sage seeds)
  • Everlasting Garden Bucket of Preparedness Seeds (with seeds like Lettuce seeds and Carrot seeds)
  • Medicinal Garden Bucket of Preparedness Seeds (with seeds like Cayenne seeds and Yarrow seeds)
  • Salsa Bucket of Preparedness Seeds (with seeds like Tomato seeds and Pepper seeds)
  • Fruit Bucket of Preparedness Seeds (with seeds like Melon seeds and Strawberry seeds)
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Preparedness Seeds

We are excited about the possibilities that these many kinds of seeds represent. Each spring when we plant our garden we can hardly wait for each kind of plant to start coming up out of the ground. The only hard part is waiting for harvest time to come. Of course with some plants like lettuce and spinach we can begin and continue to harvest relatively soon. Others like melons and strawberries take a while to mature.

We hope that you will get excited also and purchase our preparedness seeds now and prepare to plant them soon. It can be very difficult to wait for an emergency before using these seeds. Practice makes perfect and besides the garden produce you work to harvest will be so superior to what you could otherwise acquire at the grocery store. Plus you get the satisfaction of significant accomplishment and a feeling of preparedness.